6 Really Fantastic Styles of Landscape Lighting You’ll Want!

Mount Pleasant, SC Landscape Lighting InstallationLandscape Lighting is an affordable upgrade to any Mount Pleasant, SC property that promotes its best features!  And when done correctly, landscape lighting provides a warm, welcoming feeling to your property while adding elegance and security that greets you every evening!

Need more reasons why you should consider outdoor lighting?

1.       It’s Beautiful!  You will be delighted to see your home lit up to greet you when you arrive home at night!  And your friends and neighbors will love the warm and welcoming feel your property will convey.

2.       Adds to Your Home’s Curb Appeal!  Outdoor lighting makes your home stand out among the other darkened homes on your block and adds an extra component of charm to your home.

3.       Complements Your Landscaping!  Installing outdoor lights, especially if you have them designed and located properly, gives you more value for your landscaping efforts.

4.       Decreases Chances of Trips and Falls!  A property owner is liable for accidents that occur on their property.  Lighting the way is a safety matter that you should consider, especially if you have evening guests.

5.       Decreases Chances of a Break In!  Thieves like an easy target, and a well lit property will not be appealing to them.

6.       Increases Usability of Your Outdoor Spaces!  You will enjoy your outdoor areas more often if it is well lit, safely relaxing in the evening’s ambiance while easily negotiating the landscape.

7.       Helps You Decorate for the Holidays or Special Occasions!  Installing colored lights adds to the effect of your outdoor lighting and will enhance a feeling of festivity.

8.       Increases the Value of Your Home!  The impressive appearance, safety and overall ambiance of your property will radiate when you are ready to sell.

Now that you’re ready to move forward, it’s important that the outdoor lighting style that you choose for your outdoor area has the right feel.  The best approach is to utilize a combination of outdoor lighting styles and techniques to showcase your Mount Pleasant, SC home and landscape.  Extend the use of your patio area with outdoor lighting for a private oasis in the evening hours!  Good outdoor lighting is a work of art, and as such, should draw the eye to key parts of your outdoor area.

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” ~ Aaron Rose

Styles and Techniques to Consider in Combination

Minimalist Appeal – Provides enough outdoor lighting to identify your home and see the property.

Statement Approach – A few low voltage outdoor spotlights brightly illuminate the front of the home, and/or feature many spotlights, flood lights, and path lights, to showcase the yard.

Symmetrical Approach – Feature evenly spaced path lights, matching spotlights, and calculated positioning.  Although not very creative, it may fit in certain settings.

Safety Approach – For safety and security, simply place low voltage outdoor floodlights and some spotlights in parking areas, driveways, and walkways.

High Contract Approach – Create high-contrast areas by placing emphasis on strong areas with dark areas around them.  This effect utilizes mainly spotlights, close to the feature or home.

Full/Natural Approach – Find a natural balance by positioning many light fixtures onto feature points of the home.  Make sure to highlight important areas of your property using lower wattage bulbs for a natural feel.

Knowing that outdoor lighting is an art, the effect is largely determined by the lighting designer.  For both landscaping and landscape lighting, design is what separates the outstanding from the common.  Pleasant Landscapes expert designers will design and install a lighting system, with a combination of techniques right for your space that will illuminate your landscape and showcase your home’s best features.  We remain mindful of any maintenance issues, using risers where appropriate, avoiding glare and direct viewing of any fixture, use of down lighting to balance the up lighting, and to be dark sky friendly.  Our professional installation includes a low voltage layout that compensates for voltage drop, multiple runs to equalize loads, connections made using a direct burial splice and a quality installation.

You will be amazed at the warmth and the depth that this project gives your property!  Then sit back and enjoy . . . Basking in the Glow of your very own home for years to come!