4 Factors That Surprisingly Cause Lawn Fungus

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Preventing Lawn FungusLet us help you protect your lawn from fungus!

Lawn fungus is typically yellow or brown (which is why it’s usually referred to as “Brown spot”) in appearance and forms a circular shape on the lawn.

So let’s get to the basics. How does fungus form?

Fungus forms under a few key impacting conditions. –

1 – In the warmer, southeastern regions like Coastal South Carolina, it’s usually caused by too much residual water mixed with humidity

2 – Stagnant water is left overnight in grass, where there is no light at all.

3 – Drought can also be a common cause as well. If you don’t have irrigation, you should be watering your lawn at least once a day.

4 – Water pools in your yard. It’s so important to evaluate where the water buildup is occurring on your lawn. It may be low spots in the lawn that can be graded for even further prevention.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to treat lawn fungus if it has already affected the roots of the grass. This is why letting our team of Mount Pleasant, SC professionals prevent fungus from ever getting the chance to start is so vital.

When you sign up with Lawn Maintenance from Pleasant Landscapes, you have the option of selecting three fungicide treatments during the year to be included in your chemical treatment package.

If you are already a Pleasant Landscapes customer and don’t have these treatments, be sure to start protecting your Mount Pleasant, SC lawn before it’s too late!

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