Why is NOW the time to get a Sprinkler System?

sprinkler systemWe are quickly approaching the hot, hot summer that Charleston and the lowcountry can bring!

A lush green lawn is seemingly a symbol of proud homeownership, as well as, a pleasant landscape on which to relax or play.  Naturally, a necessary component to a lush green lawn and healthy gardens is the correct amount of water provided to these areas.

As you know, our weather patterns are shifting constantly, turning hot and dry more often than not.  To keep the landscapes lush, we drag around those long, cumbersome hoses, setting up sections of the landscape to water, repeating until all sections are soaked.  Well, if you are still watering your lawn with a hose or a manual sprinkler, did you know that you may be using up to 50% more water than your landscape needs?  This isn’t good for your wallet, or your lawn.  The answer is not in using more water, but using it more efficiently.

The efficiency of an automatic sprinkler system, designed specifically for the needs of your particular Mount Pleasant, SC landscape, will give you a beautiful landscape with more free time to enjoy the results.  You can be sure that your landscape will receive the right amount of water, in the right spots, and at the right time, without hassle.  You will also be helping the environment by not wasting as much water.

Yes, a professionally installed system has an initial cost, but in the long-run, saves money and resources.  Modern system components are designed to deliver a precise and accurately measured soaking whenever needed and have proven to be one of the better investments a homeowner can make — not only can the lawn sprinklers increase the value of your Mount Pleasant, SC home, but they will protect your landscaping investments as well.

Popular automatic systems, not only know what day it is, but when to turn the water on, how much to deliver, and when to shut down.  Many modern systems sense the weather condition, and can cancel a scheduled watering if it is raining.  When the weather is dry, however, an automatic system guarantees the delivery of a gentle, even amount of water at a speed that sinks into the root systems properly.  You can hook up these permanent sprinklers to soil moisture sensors so that the lawn is watered only when needed, with precisely designed placement so that all parts of the lawn are watered evenly without runoff.

Here are just a few watering tips to help keep your lawn and garden adequately hydrated, always observing any local water use ordinances and restrictions:

  • Water early in the day when less wind and lower temperatures keep evaporation and fungal diseases to a minimum.
  • To promote root growth, water deeply and allow soil to dry slightly. A strong root system creates hardier grass.  Light, shallow sprinklings, evaporate before water is able to saturate the soil.

Professional installers appreciate how lawns have different requirements than trees and shrubs, so a sprinkler system would be professionally set up into different zones to accommodate these different needs with the proper components.

Pleasant Landscapes installs every system with expertise using the latest technology, minimizing any disturbance to existing landscaping.  We offer prompt, professional sprinkler service with a dedication to quality in both materials and workmanship.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the individual care that you deserve! If you would like to see what a difference an irrigation system can do for you, contact me at Pleasant Landscapes!

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