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A large tree with beautiful flowers in a front lawn For the winter, we usually start applying the Pre-emergent first along the Hilton Head, Seabrook Island area as this part of the Charleston area will warm up first. Slowly, working our way up to the Moncks Corner area which can be up to five degrees cooler.

This enables us to get our pre-emergent out in time. By now, we are all ready for this winter weather to be a part of the past. Some of you may be eager to get outside and begin nurturing your landscape back to life. One of the best winterization treatments you can do this time of year is a pre-emergent.

Putting this down now will prevent your summer weeds from germinating. Before the temperature gets back to 70 degrees, it is important to get the first application of pre-emergent down. Re-applying a second application in April will help to ensure you have adequate coverage.

We service Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Summerville, Sullivans Island, Johns Island, James Island, West Ashley, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek and neighboring cities.

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Fertilizer Use in the Winter

February is also a great month to clean up any existing winter weeds that may still be lingering around in your lawn. I don't recommend doing a heavy fertilizer this early in the year, as there is always that chance of a freeze late in the season. That will only cause more problems and could potentially damage the newly growing turf. Our winter weed control treatment is a pre-emergent fertilizer applied with a broad leaf weed killer to the lawn. It is a great preventive for weeds in the lawn and the shrubs. It never hurts to apply only the pre-emergence to the flower beds. Many times the toughest weeds come out of the flower beds. The broad leaf weed killer cannot be used in these beds as it can damage the shrubs.

Ready for Sprinkler Systems

After the last chances of a freeze, often around February 15 each year, it is time to get your sprinkler systems back up and started for the season. It has been difficult to predict the last freeze of the season to be February 15th since we have been experiencing some extremely cold weather. Residents who did not properly winterize their irrigation systems may find damaged pumps or backflow preventers during this process. It will be important to take care of any system repairs before the season is upon us.

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Crepe Myrtle Pruning

A crepe myrtle tree with nice pink flowers Winter pruning should also be done around this time of year, if not already. Your crepe myrtles should have been cut back and evened out during the winter months. If you have not done so, you do still have time to get this done.

Crepe myrtle pruning requires a little more technique than some know. It has become the artwork displaying one's own personal preference. When the trees are planted along entryways or homes, they are specifically meant to be at a controlled height. A crepe myrtle planted on the side of a 2 story home should be forced to bloom between the 1st and 2nd story.

I remember working in Dunes West, Mt. Pleasant, SC where the Crepe Myrtles were consistently being pruned to bloom in front of the architectural windows of the home. In this Mt. Pleasant case we didn't cut any of the top and only cleaned the interior of the tree so that next year it would bloom in the correct position for the home. If it is in front of a home, it should be forced to bloom below the height of the railings. In some cases these plants get planted in the wrong spot, and it would be best to transplant them. You never want any landscaping to cover the windows, molding, roof eves, gutters or any other architectural feature of the home. If your crepe myrtle covers the architecture of your home, it is definitely a candidate for some severe pruning.

Crepe Murder

The term "Crepe Murder" is used a lot in this business and is referred to the extreme pruning of these plants in residences, yards, and municipalities. Excessive pruning of your crepe myrtles can often cause a knuckling effect where the plant has been pruned year after year. Take a close look at the before and after pictures. You can see how removing all branches that are crossing each other, and shoots growing into the center of the canopy, creates a more open space for sun and air movement.

Crepe murder trimming of the trees

More crepe myrtles that have been trimmed all the way down

While you are getting up close and personal to your crepe myrtle, it is a good time to inspect the tree for scale or a black sooty mold left by aphids earlier in the growing season. It is always beneficial to consult with a landscape architect before beginning this type of work.

Whether you want to use your crepe myrtles to hide an adjacent neighbor, provide some shade to your lawn, or even if you want to level your trees to match other aspects of the landscaping or neighborhood, it can be done! You may contact us for many ideas and design plans to help improve your landscape appearance. Early planning and preparation is always best and ensures you receive all attention necessary.

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