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Lawn Service

There are vital lawn service tasks that are necessary to keep your lawn in a healthy attractive state.

Feeding the lawn is one of the key lawn care jobs. Grass needs a continuing supply of nutrients in the right balances to enable growth and development. Compare it to our own heart health nourishment requirements where we both need a 'well balanced diet' that will provide the essentials required to sustain healthy life and resistant to disease and other forms of stress.

We service Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Summerville, Sullivans Island, Johns Island, James Island, West Ashley, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek and neighboring cities.

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Lawn Feed

Prior to feeding your lawn, you must first determine what nutrients are required for your lawn. Pleasant Landscapes can assist you with these requirements, along with the proper process of application. Lawn feeds are available in both water soluble (fast release) and non-water soluble (slow release) forms.

The majority of lawn feeds will be taken up through the grasses root system, but under certain soil conditions better results may be achieved through a foliar lawn feed, such as, in soil that is chalky, heavy clay or very sandy. Foliar feed to the lawn may help the grass by taking the feed in through the leaves of the plant rather than the roots.

Eliminating Weeds from your Lawn

Weeds are the interlopers we all want to rid of our lawns, and some of these lawn interlopers are worth treating during the cool season of the year. If your weed treatments are targeting both annual and perennial weeds, you'll want a weed killer that combines a pre- and post-emergent herbicide. This is because some weeds will already be growing, which the post-emergent herbicide will kill, and weeds that haven't yet sprouted will be taken out by the pre-emergent herbicide.

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Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent

  • Pre-emergent herbicides are an effective preventative method for controlling weeds but require proper timing to be effective. Pre-emergent herbicides establish a chemical barrier that will not kill established plants, but will prevent weeds from successfully growing. The protective barrier breaks down in six to eight weeks. Be aware that pre-emergent herbicides can harm some desirable ornamental plants and turf grasses.

  • Post-emergent herbicides are designed to attack weeds that are already established and growing. All of the contact weed killers are post-emergent herbicides.

Weed Control

Weed control procedures to remember:

  • Try not to mow or prune just before any product application. The more leaf surface, the better.
  • Minimal mowing or pruning for several days after any product application to give the chemical time to be absorbed.
  • Discard weed contaminated pruning materials and clippings to prevent the spread of weeds to other planting areas.
  • Avoid spraying any chemicals on windy days.

Here are a few more items to remember at this time of year:

  • December is a great time to apply pre-emergent herbicide to continue control through winter.  Post-emergent can be used as necessary.
  • January is the time to apply broadleaf post-emergent herbicide to kill winter weeds (if necessary).
  • February continue to apply your pre-emergent herbicide in middle to late February. Do not use weed-and-feed products as your turf will not be ready for fertilizer until April.
  • Iron can be used in the cooler months to bring back color without promoting growth.

Professional lawn care experts have all this information and more. If you would like to see what a difference expert lawn nutrition and care can do for you, contact me at Pleasant Landscapes!

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