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Lawn Care Tips

"If only I could grow green stuff in my yard like I can in my refrigerator!"

Knowledge, consistency and hard work are required to have a good lawn and garden. Here are some helpful lawn care tips and tricks that may help your knowledge base:

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Water the Lawn Constantly

Water 3-4 times per week unless you are in a sandy area, then daily in summertime is best. Avoid watering lawns in the middle of the day during the summer as it evaporates leaving the soil below dry and cracked. In the winter months, you may only need to water occasionally. Over-watering is one of the most common ways in which to damage a grass or turf lawn.

Mow your lawn at the right height

Set your mower blades at the correct height for the type of lawn and the time of year, and be sure the blades are sharp. A lot of well-meaning homeowners mow their lawn far too short. Ideally, your lawn should be kept at 3-3.5 inches. Any shorter and you leave your lawn vulnerable to heat and weeds.

Weed Your Property

Although weed killers are helpful, there is no substitute to getting on your hands and knees and pulling weeds out by the root.

Benefits of Fertilizer

Grass benefits from an occasional dose of fertilizer just like other garden plants. A healthy lawn will outcompete against any weed seedlings that do manage to find a toe-hold.

Plant Selection

Plant selection is critical. Use native plants in Downtown Charleston and the Low country that have adapted over time to the hot summers and cool winters. Plants not native to the area, although sold in local stores, may not be suited for the southern summer heat and have a lower survival rate

The Power of Flowers

Don't underestimate the power of flowers. According to a study by the American Nursery & Landscape Association, improved landscaping can increase property value by 7% to 14%.

Drought Tolerant Plants

When planting on a slope, use drought-tolerant plants because they're on an angle and get a lot more sunlight. Examples of such planting can be seen on Isle of Palms where dunes are plentiful.

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Outdoor Furniture

Though your backyard is an open space, you can create a room without putting up a wall by adding outdoor furniture, plants and pots. Use outdoor aluminum furniture with weather-resistant fabric, which is easy to move around and withstands the elements.

Pergolas for Shade

Many may think a solid overhead cover is the best choice for outdoor sitting areas. But they actually trap more heat! While open shade bars, i.e. Pergola, give you 50 percent less covering, they allow more of the heat to escape, creating a more comfortable outdoor experience.

Adding Plants to Evaporate Moisture

Add a few plants as they evaporate moisture! So having them on a pergola is like an organic air conditioner. They add color and texture and can help cool an area by as much as 15 degrees.

Using Granite

Use granite in any landscaped cooking areas instead of other surfaces. Not only can you put hot surfaces on it without damaging, but it requires little maintenance. Just polish it occasionally to keep it looking like new!

Fire Features Add Intimacy

Fire features encourage conversation and intimacy giving ambiance to the area. Also used for warmth and extends the amount of time you spend outdoors. And when it comes to the yin and yang of outdoor design, it's becoming imperative to have water and fire together!

Set the Mood with Landscape Lighting

 Dramatic outdoor lighting can add up to 20% to the perceived value of a home plus, everyone will be able to admire your landscaping day and night!

Composting to Make Fertilizer

Composting costs nothing and can rid you yard of leaves, vegetable matter and grass clippings by letting the microorganisms bacteria and worms make your fertilizer for you.

Rainfall is Free Water

An amazing statistic: A 1-inch level of rainfall on 1,000 square feet of roof with eaves and a downspout produces 600 gallons of water. Create a rain cistern system and you'll get free water for the whole season.

Embrace Your Mulch

Mulch holds moisture and suppresses weeds. Using mulch adds detail to your flower beds and gives your yard a finished look without costing much money.

Give Your Dog Brewer's Yeast

If you have female dogs (females' urine is far more toxic to lawns than urine from males), give your dog a brewer's yeast tablet every day. They love the taste, it's good for them, and their urine will become non-toxic.

Hire a pro when it gets too complicated.  Turning your backyard into a dramatic outdoor area is challenging.  Know that sometimes the best way to save money is to recognize when you need a pro.

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