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Going Green

We have all heard that we should look for ways to 'Go Green' and do our part to preserve the planet. With a myriad ways to participate in 'greening your lifestyle' you should consider steps you can take in your own backyard - namely, composting.

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Basically, composting is the process by which the natural decaying of yard and organic waste (which is anything from leaves, to tree trimmings, to food scraps) is accelerated and transformed into a nutrient rich material that promotes nourishment absorption in plants, enhances soil aeration and maximizes water holding capacity. It is possible, that when combined with recycling, will avert nearly 70 percent of your waste from going into our local landfills by composting. To boot, the less junk in our landfills - the less pollution they create while decaying.

Not to mention the added cost benefits, and in some cases possible profits, to be gained by joining forces with a local leaders in green recycling like...

  • Pleasant Landscapes

  • Ables landscape

  • Dunes west Golf Club

  • Seabrook Island Home Owners Association

  • Legend Oaks Golf Club

  • Pleasant Places

  • Cox Tree Service

  • Sangaree Special Tax District

Using a Compost Bin

A largebrown pile of compostThe first step in beginning your at-home composting project, is to get to work on sorting through the waste materials of leaves, small branches and such, to create a planting mix. Purchase or locate a composting bin to begin composting your waste. Using plastic is generally preferred.

If you chose to build your own, then drill holes into the body and the base of the bin, and place it in the desired location- preferably in close proximity to your house. Fill the barrel with leaves, grass, food waste, and add water. You will then need to get into the routine of turning the waste once a week to keep it from settling and allow bacterial growth that will break down your green waste into usable compost.

Composting Benefits

A smooth mound of grey compost material Composting essentially increases efficiency and savings by eliminating the need for purchasing mulch and topsoil, since you are composting your own in the process of sprucing up your landscape. You may even find you have an abundance of composted material to use in your landscape as an organic fertilizer.

Most of the barrier islands in the Charleston area are almost 100% sand, the trees and plants need that organic material to help hold water and feed the plants. You will even save money on disposal fees. Imagine only paying for the removal of plastic materials. Even more savings are realized by using your newly mixed materials to reduce the need for watering, fertilizing, and spraying pesticides, which will save you a ton of resources throughout the season.

It should be pretty clear at this point that not only is composting excellent for the environment, it is excellent for your wallet as well. Tips from the professionals will give you a plan of action to beautify your landscape, recycle waste materials, save the environment and save yourself tons of time and money in the long haul - proving once and for all; it actually is easy being Green!

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