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Summer Flowers

A nice outdoor flower garden with a fountainWell, spring is gone and now we have the dog days of summer. If you are like me, I like to plant four seasons of color in my garden. My spring flowers, Diascia, Nemesia, Geraniums and Petunias are looking rough. The plants need so much water it is becoming a chore to turn up our sprinkler system or water it ourselves. Now it's time for summer flowers.

An Idea to Enhance the Beauty of Your Landscape

If you're like me - here's an idea, plant quarterly. What do I mean? I mean plant according to the seasons. If you say "I love the color of these flowers and I want this color in my whole landscape," plant them, but in small amounts all across 25% of the yard. Then you'll be leaving room for next season's plants to come in. If you add different plants for the seasons it will not be hard to keep flowers in the four season's winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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Planting Annuals

Lily of the NileIf you have a small yard, like in Downtown Charleston, you will be better off planting annuals throughout the spring and fall. Summer season flowers which you may consider might be perennials that are drought tolerant. The Red Hot Poker, Lily of the Nile (see photo left), and some species of bulb plants prefer the hot and dry conditions. If watered too much, they can get a fungus and die. Also, there are good old stand-buys such lantana, flowering sages, coreopsis and yarrow. Not only do they produce beautiful flowers, they also attract butterflies and humming birds.

Complement a Water Garden or Fountain

If you have a small yard, you will be better off planting annuals in the spring and fall. This will give you color year round, as most perennials bloom 2-3 weeks a year. This also complements a small water garden or fountain and a patio sitting area with an arbor for some shade. This is a pleasant landscape to have fun and sip on your grandmother's Sweet Tea.

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Beware of Aphids

AphidIn the yards we have been maintaining in the West Ashley area of Charleston, we have seen Aphids on many of the Crape Myrtles (see photo right). They are usually on the underside of the leaves and cause a black sooty mold on the leaves themselves. This sooty mold can be seen from afar. This black mold has a sugar base and usually sugar ants protect the Aphids from their predators Ladybird and their larva and Hoverfly Larva.

Therefore, we all know the temperature is not changing any time soon and if the drought continues, here are some good flowering plant ideas to add for the summer. If you do not want to do it yourself, let Pleasant Landscapes help you. We do not mind working in heat.

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