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Winter Weeds

It's hard to believe that summer has whizzed by us once again. As I increase in age, it seems like those summer time breaks get smaller and smaller. With the on-set of fall, now is the time to start your control of winter weeds.

Weeds really fit into two categories. Warm season weeds that thrive during the summer months and cool season weeds that thrive during the winter. As our temperature begins to start changing for the fall, our cool season weeds will begin to germinate.

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Pre-Emergent to Fight Weeds

Our first line of defense against all weeds is a product we call pre-emergent. There are many types of pre-emergent on the market that are available for the consumer. For any one that you buy, it should control at least the two major cool season weeds which are poa-anna and clover. There are other winter weeds, but a pre-emergent that will control these two will usually take care of most of the other winter weed varieties.

One of the secrets of pre-emergent is that you get it put down early enough, with September being the optimal month for application. The word pre-emergent means before germination, so this product must be applied before the temperature drops and the weed seeds (that are currently in the lawn) begin to germinate. In return, reducing your need to spray the weeds in your turf and bed areas.

We at Pleasant Landscapes use a product called Dimention mixed with a fall fertilizer of 0-0-7. The fertilizer 0-0-7 helps promote healthy roots during the winter dormancy period.

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Using Pre-Emergent on Ryegrass

When not to apply pre-emergent: You should not apply it if you plan to over seed with annual ryegrass to have a green lawn during the winter time. The rye grass is often substituted for pre-emergence for people who want to have lush green lawns during the wintertime. Care should be taken on these lawns that get over seeded with rye grass because in the springtime the rye grass will compete with your warm season turf grass for sunlight and nutrients. This often causes thinning of your summer time lawn. This will occur until the temperature gets warm enough to kill off the ryegrass that is in your lawn.

Getting the temperatures warm enough to kill out the ryegrass can take up to two months of spring growth. If you choose to use ryegrass in the winter you should know that Bermuda grass will take over seeding the best.

Another Note on Pre-Emergent

Lawns with damaged turf area: Pre-emergent should not be applied to lawns that have area with no grass or damage from previous years. The weed barrier that pre-emergent provides will also retard the growth of naturally occurring lawn repair. All warm season grass will repair itself thru runners that the grass sends out vertically. If there is a build up of pre-emergent in the soil, these runners will not be able to root in these areas. You can see why you would want to avoid getting it on bare ground areas in which you want grass to grow in.

Good luck and happy gardening!

As with always, please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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