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Outdoor Living Spaces

Springtime is upon us and Daniel Island, in Charleston, SC is alive with blooms. Spring brings with it idyllic temperatures, longer days and flourishing landscapes. This combination lends itself to optimal outdoor living, most especially if your outdoor space is being utilized correctly, and with at least a few of the essentials. So before you begin the ritual of dusting off the old lawn chairs and sufficing to setting them around the grill, we would like you to check out these outdoor upgrades that are sure to get you the most out of your home. We've categorized them; Earth, Water and Fire

We service Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Summerville, Sullivans Island, Johns Island, James Island, West Ashley, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek and neighboring cities.

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Beyond plastic badminton sets and make shift whiffle ball diamonds is a world of first class recreational activities to be enjoyed in your very own backyard. And chances are, if you install a tournament size beach volleyball court in that yard, you will have achieved supreme recreational status. We have recently laid soft, clean, white beach sand at a home on Isle of Palms, in Charleston, SC. It made a friendly volleyball tourney in the neighborhood. What is better than this excitement being served on your own lawn?

Putting Greens & Gardens

But then, maybe you more greatly appreciate the solitude of the individual game of golf? Putting greens, sand traps and even a driving pad could be only a few steps away from your back door - no golf cart necessary!

Your favorite hobby can be customized to fit your lifestyle and your expectations, and now your free time just got a lot more fun. After taking advantage of your new recreational assets - whether after a set of volleyball, or a round perfecting your short game, you have no doubt worked up an appetite. Imagine cooking up those fresh, seasonal dishes from the comfort of your back yard. It begins with planting your very own vegetable and herb garden. Virtually every yard can house a garden in some capacity, but you will want to speak with a greenthumb professional to find out what will produce most naturally depending on soil, sunlight and space. After growing your fresh veggies and herbs, what could be better than to cook and serve them right on the spot? First you will need a little heat, and that brings us to our next category

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Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit

Having the ability to cook meals outdoors is at the top of the essential outdoor living list. Whether you are hosting the neighborhood or cooking for one, a classic fire pit or roasting area allows not only a hassle free cooking station but an all-season source of enjoyment.

Even well into fall you will be able utilize these areas for a quick meal, or a place to lounge and relax by the warm fire. A client of ours in the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant, SC recently put in a wood burning fire pit as the center piece of her outdoor backyard landscape. It was a big hit! Be sure to use top end materials such as granite or limestone and the space becomes an elegant focal point.

Outdoor Kitchens

Working with a professional allows you customize the design into symbols - a compass rose for instance, or a patterned brick overlay. When topped off with plush seating, cushions and throws - you may find yourself forgoing the sofa for a night under the stars. It is possible, on more than one particular night, that your menu will consist of more than hotdogs and s'mores, and for this you will certainly need to bring your kitchen outdoors.

Depending on your preference, a professional can customize your ideal kitchen - ranging anywhere from a fully functional chef's kitchen, to just the basics in appliances. Most importantly, because of the ease of which a wine cooler, oven or sink can be customized to fit, all outdoor kitchens can be installed in space saving ways - allowing the cooks to get out of the kitchen and into the sunshine with the rest of the guests. And now that you have fully digested that category, it's time to get into the water.

Water Features

Decorative water features are available in countless styles, shapes and sizes - which means you are sure to find one that suits your space. Water fountains can add an immediate result of added tranquility and an aesthetic interest to your deck, yard or landscape. These features can be grand and stately with statues and tiers, or minimalist and natural looking - they can also be suited to host a few goldfish or Koi.

We work with a lot of these type water features in downtown Charleston in many of the private gardens and estates. Adding fountains or ponds are always a great landscape transformer, but maybe you are considering a water feature of a grander scale? Possibly the addition or expansion of a pool? You might be considering finally putting in that hot tub or spa? No wrong answer here because these features are the key to having the complete outdoor package. Adding an impressive waterfall or rock boulder feature to your pool will create a custom look and these looks can be achieved in a sophisticated and realistic way - thanks to advances in artificial rock technology.

A quick consultation with a professional will give you the information you need to decide which water feature best suits you, your space and your lifestyle. Of course it is possible that the concept of chlorine and bathtubs are lost on you because typically you are more of a beach bum - in which case, an outdoor shower cannot be surpassed for pairing both utility and de'cor. Custom doors can make a remarkable statement to the onlooker, and once inside, the use of river rock or mosaic tiles conveys completely custom looks that are entirely trendy. If you find you have additional room to play with, you may add an entire beach wash room or dressing area. The addition of any water feature can bring tremendous depth to what may currently be just wasted space.

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Landscape Lighting

As you are planning, plotting and installing these outdoor essentials, don't forget the details. Lighting, for example, plays a very important role in both the practicality and safety of a space. You will need to light the way on steps and paths of course, but also explore the possibilities of accent lighting to highlight your nifty new features.

Illuminating your space creates a multitude of tones and moods while enjoying the outdoors, but it also allows visibility of your intriguing landscape on those days you might be forced indoors.

Outdoor Art

While you are turning up the lights out there, think of adding garden art to add a personal touch. We decorate the inside of our homes by hanging art and placing knick knacks - so do the same outdoors to soften the surroundings. Try thinking less of pink flamingos or garden gnomes and more of white gables, iron accents, stone elements or even a stately gazebo. Arbors are another piece of art work to consider, adding grace to your gardens as they stretch above a water feature or a patch of blooming flowers.

Outdoor Seating

Lastly, it is imperative to add seating areas. Make them inviting, make them interesting and make them plentiful. Thinking again of the inside of our home; seating areas create spaces for people to gather and converse and they inevitably create a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Whether you choose leisurely Adirondacks around the fire, or smooth wooden bench seating by the roasting pit, your guests will feel inclined to take a load off and enjoy each other's company. If you are lucky enough to have a yard with a view, create seating areas that highlight these special features of your landscape. For instance, treat yourself and your visitors to wicker seating, paired with comfy cushions and ease into long gazes of the marsh.

We hope that after this read, you are standing outside, scanning your space for improvements. It is exciting having myriad ways of adding both function and recreation to your home, but it can be daunting deciding which projects to take on. The trick is to meet with a professional and decide how best to make use of your great outdoors, and then to begin these projects immediately. Spring in the Low country has sprung, don't waste any more time being stuck indoors this year!

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