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Lawn Care Services


We've all heard the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side . . ."  This saying stems from the idea of looking at a neighbors lawn and seeing it as better looking, healthier and overall greener then your own.  Not always an accurate evaluation, but rather may sometimes characterize how we feel about the flaws we see in our own property and possibly overlooking the flaws of another.

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Healthy Green Grass with a White Picket Fence

However, if the grass really is greener on the other side (of your fence) the good news is - Your grass can be greener and healthier looking too!  Improve your lawn by following these few suggestions!

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn keeps your lawn healthy.  Aeration allows air to be funneled to the root zone of the lawn.  Roots need oxygen in order to survive and take up the necessary nutrients and water.  Lawn aeration will also relieve compaction in soils and helps reduce thatch in lawns improving how water and nutrients move throughout the root zone.  Aerating will help relieve compaction caused by heavy foot traffic and loosens the soil providing an ideal seed bed for overseeding.  Please Note: Aeration techniques can be dangerous, so ultimate care needs to be taken if not done by a professional. 

Grass Cutting

One cause of weed invasion and insect damage is improper mowing.  Short or tall mowing heights, depending on your type of turf, can result in weaker grass and weed invasion, also making it more vulnerable to disease and drought damage.

Nicely mowed grass yard 

Most Southern turfs need to be mowed at a height of 3-3.5 inches during the hot summer.  Proper mowing shades the lawn, retains moisture, and encourages deep root growth.  Your yard will need less watering and will stop weeds from germinating.  Keep your mower blades sharp and alternate your mowing pattern each week.  Mowing the same direction causes the grass to "bend" in the direction you mow and can even create wheel ruts.  Use a different direction each time you mow and avoid mowing your grass when it's wet.

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Another nice looking freshly mowed grass yard

Lawn Fertilizer

The decision to fertilize should be based upon the health of the lawn, the desired rate of growth, and a soil analysis.  A soil analysis will tell you the soil pH and the amounts of nutrients in the soil that are available for growth.  Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients in the soil.  When you choose the fertilizer to use, it should have an analysis which provides the nutrients that are lacking in the soil.  Pleasant Landscapes professionals can assist you with this or any landscape task.

Lawn Watering

Timing, frequency and the amount of water our lawns receive are important measurements.  Frequent light watering is not good as it encourages shallow rooting and weak turf in grass plants and encourages weeds.  The temperatures do not dictate daily watering yet, so between 1-3 days per week should be sufficient depending on your soil type. Heavy clay soils require less water & sandier soils requiring more. If it rains heavily, that counts as a watering. Be sure not to overwater during frequent period of rain.

Installing a rain sensor to your irrigation system can not only save you $money$ on unnecessary water, but can save your turf as well. Water at sunrise and don't water during the night.  Turf sitting in water or staying wet all night can promote fungus, mold and mushrooms.

Handling Lawn Urine Spots

For homeowners who are also pet lovers, this can present a dilemma.  Pet urine and feces are both high in nitrogen.  Small amounts may produce a fertilizer effect while larger amounts often result in lawn 'burn' or dead patches.

Ugly brown urine spots in grass 

The size of the pet can dictate the extent of damage that is possible, however, flushing the area with water immediately, with 3 times the water as the dog released, will cause more of a fertilizer effect.  Ideally, feces should be picked up immediately to reduce the negative effects.  The use of gypsum or lime on 'burned' grass has been advocated, but results are not always evident.  Lawn burn, when mild, will often repair itself over time.

Pleasant Landscapes expert lawn care will show you how attractive your landscape can be and that The Grass Isn't Always Greener On The Other Side!

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