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Fall Landscaping

Fall for You!!!

Now that the days are growing shorter and the temperatures are beginning to drop, the fall season is a critical time to prepare your landscape for winter. Here's a few tasks to consider during these fall months:

Start Mulching & Raking

Reduce the mowing height of your lawn and start mulching and/or raking leaves as they fall.  When the leaves start to fall, rake or blow the lawn clean frequently. Leaves block sunlight, which is vital in the fall as the lawn stores food for the dormant winter season.

Water With Less Frequency

Reduce watering frequency.  With the cooler temperatures, continuing to water the grass as you would in the summer could result in weakened, waterlogged turf.

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Use Proper Fertilizer

Feed dormant lawn with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer.  Late fall fertilization is the most important application of the year.  Fertilizing with a slow release fertilizer results in early green up and sustained feeding through the spring. Add organic matter, such as, composted pine bark to beds, and then till the bed before planting.

Seeding is Important

Re-seed weak or dead areas.  Seeding will increase turf density and improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn and for the following spring. A dense lawn is also the best natural defense against weed and insect damage.

Beware of Insects

Monitor for insects and insect damage.  Checking for the presence of pests and correctly identifying them are essential in developing a plan that works towards a solution. Proper identification also eliminates the possibility of using wrong or unnecessary pesticides, adding to a significant amount of environmental damage.

Weed Control is Vital

Weed Control.  As temperatures change, cool season weeds will begin to germinate. Our first line of defense against all weeds is a product we call pre-emergent. The word pre-emergent means before germination, so this product must be applied before the temperature drops and the weed seeds.

We at Pleasant Landscapes use a variety of products throughout the seasons, so that your turf will not build a tolerance to anyone. Using a pre-emergent with a fertilizer helps promote healthy roots during the winter dormancy period. On Sullivan's Island you can see the difference between yards that control weeds and those that let weeds go.

Annuals are a Great Addition

Add Color.  Annuals are sturdy, cost-effective plants that add color and interest to a garden. If deer are nearby, they may eat some plants, however, it's important to know what plants deer won't eat. For instance; Petunias, Pansies and Caladuim are NOT deer resistant. Most deer-resistant plants share similar characteristics and have fuzzy-texture or prickly leaves, caustic or sticky sap, strongly scented foliage or a foul taste.

Among the flowers that are rarely damaged are annuals like Vinca, Dusty Miller, Poppy, snapdragon and flowering tobacco. Try planting two flowers with a high deer-resistant rating for every regular flower. Because deer rely on their sense of smell to find food, a variety of odors in your garden will confuse them and encourage them to feed elsewhere.

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Yearly Pressure Washing is Recommended

Pressure Washing will help you maintain or even improve the appearance of your home or place of business. It will rid your property of that unsightly dirt, mildew, or mineral deposits building up on your property, hardscape areas, walkways, siding and more! Due to the humid temperatures and abundance of trees homes in Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island require yearly pressure washing to keep them looking pristine.

Lawn Maintenance from Pleasant Landscapes

Pleasant Landscapes specializes in all these services and a variety of Lawn Maintenance Programs to maintain the exterior of your property. From the Basic Care to Custom Care service options dealing with more detailed or serious issues.

Fall for fun!  The crisp, fall weather means its fair time again and the website SCIWAY.net:   http://www.sciway.net/calendar/october.html offers an excellent schedule of Events and Festivals, in October! This long list includes such favorites as the Pee Dee Plant and Flower Festival and the South Carolina State Fair. Enjoy!

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