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Decorative Plants

Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Our favorite sign of the springtime is blooming flowers! The grass finally turns green, the weather gets warmer, the leaves come back to life, and the flowers blossom. Spring and Summer Annual flowers can be planted in pots or in garden areas to give exciting color to your landscaping. Everyone loves being able to go outside and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

We service Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Summerville, Sullivans Island, Johns Island, James Island, West Ashley, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek and neighboring cities.

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Decorative Trees

Natural signs of spring are very hard to go unnoticed. Bradford Pear trees are among the first trees to bloom, welcoming the life back into your landscaping. The sweet aroma of wisteria and its blooming, violet-blue or lavender buds begin to cover its vine. Red Bud trees will begin to flower about a week before Dogwood trees, and their distinctive leaves will begin a summer attraction. Caroline Jasmine is an eye-catching evergreen vine. Once you recognize the Carolina Jasmine, you will never forget it! I just saw some Carolina Jasmine blooming in downtown Summerville on my way to do a lawn care estimate and a nearby tree had the vine growing up it and it was just full of yellow blooms- simply stunning!

Spring weddings in Charleston, South Carolina is the indication of bright and new beginnings each year. Wedding bells are ringing, baseball season is starting, and many businesses are gearing up for their busy season. Spring weddings feature these flowers as they make intriguing centerpieces, exceptional bouquets and arrangements. Many wedding planners use them to increase the romantic atmospheres of weddings

Vincas, Pansies, Impatiens & Daffodils

Vincas, Pansies, Impatiens and Daffodils, examples of flowers that we see in the Low-country of South Carolina. They come in many varieties of color, size, and shape. Some even have appealing fragrances. They can survive the typical spring weather of warm sunny days and chilly evening nights, while providing year-round color. When choosing a place for annuals it should be in a high visibility area. A common area is the front steps of the home or out by the entrance of the driveway where you enter the yard. They should be planted somewhere that you will be able to enjoy the color and even fragrance on a daily basis.

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Gardening With Annuals

Gardening with annuals is fun because you can achieve quick results. Preparation for these flowers often includes: removing the winter annuals from the location where they were planted the previous fall, rotor tilling the area to provide good cultivation, and incorporating some compost, fertilizer, and a granular fungicide in wet areas. We then install the flower plugs in patterns that are appealing to the design of that yard.

In general, the taller growing flowers go along the back and the shorter versions go in the front. After planting, we check the water system to ensure that the new flowers get water. This is vital because they have such a small root system at this stage. These annual flowers can also be incorporated into pots and baskets around the house to provide the same year-round color.

While no one can really predict the future, I would recommend increasing the water to your lawn by a day or two to ensure a healthy & lush garden.

You may contact us for many ideas and flower designs to help add color your landscaping this season.

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